The Challenge: The Political Economy

Investors today face unprecedented challenges in financial markets around the world. Natural market outcomes are no longer the norm. Instead, political decision-making is more likely to affect financial markets than purely economic factors and market conditions.

The new Political Economy obstructs natural market movements and investment opportunities.

The Solution: ACG Analytics

ACG Analytics is an independent research firm that translates public policy for investment fund managers and analysts. Our research focuses on specific policy issues and actions in the United States, the European Union, Asia, and Latin America. We anticipate how government policies in key markets may impact investor strategies.

ACG Analytics is the ultimate guide for the new Political Economy.

A True and Trusted Partner for the New Political Economy

ACG Analytics advises clients on how anticipated policy actions will impact their portfolios. We provide the critical insight and political interpretation necessary to understand the full business impact of a particular decision. Your bottom line is our bottom line.

ACG Analytics Delivers