ACG Analytics Case Study: Intelsat

In February 2019, ACG Analytics began providing critical analysis of ongoing deliberations at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to auction off much of the 3700-4200 GHz “C-Band” spectrum. ACG Analytics believed that the FCC’s decision-making process would take far longer than consensus estimates and that the C-Band Alliance (CBA), which originally consisted of SES, Intelsat, Eutelsat, and Telesat, would receive a far smaller portion of the auction revenues than consensus estimates.

Sample ACG Analytics Research Notes

C-Band Private Sale? Not So Fast…

On February 7th, ACG Analytics published a research note entitled “C-Band Private Sale? Not So Fast…” expressing doubt over the widely held view that the CBA would hold a private spectrum auction within a short period of time.

C-Band: Opposition Remains Unified

On April 26th, ACG Analytics published a research note entitled “Opposition Remains Unified in Face of CBA Push with FCC,” indicating that in order to move forward, the CBA would have to address 3 opposition parties’ concerns…

Senators Urge Fast C-Band Action

On May 17th, ACG Analytics published a research note entitled “Senators Urge Fast C-Band Action,” noting increased Congressional focus on the topic and indicating that the fastest path forward was a negotiated solution …

C-Band Alliance No Longer Represents United Front

On September 3rd, ACG Analytics published a research note entitled “C-Band Alliance No Longer Represents United Front” after Eutelsat left the CBA, indicating the lack of consensus within the group and likely within the FCC

Telecom Eutelsat Open to 50/50 Auction Split

On October 22nd, ACG Analytics published a research note entitled “Eutelsat Open to 50/50 Auction Split,” expressing the view that Eutelsat’s acceptance of a low revenue split with the Treasury represented a new baseline for negotiations …

CBA Files Voluntary Contribution Proposal

On November 15th, ACG Analytics published a research note entitled “CBA Files Voluntary Contribution Proposal” stating that the CBA’s concession to send more of the auction revenue to the Treasury would not influence the FCC’s…


On November 18th, FCC Chairman Pai announced that the FCC would hold a public auction of the C-Band spectrum.


On February 6th, 2020, the FCC reached a deal with satellite operators that would provide $9.7 billion in acceleration payments to the operators for clearing the spectrum and an additional $3-5 billion for relocation costs.

Telecom Podcast

Join ACGA’s Director of International Policy Chris Czerwinski and telecommunications expert John Kneuer as they discuss the FCC’s upcoming public spectrum auction, events leading up to the decision for a public auction, possible congressional action, and impact on Intelsat.