Targeted Intelligence that Impacts Your Bottom Line

ACG Analytics is an Ally in Uncertain Times

ACG Analytics is privileged to advise many leading US- and European-based fund managers. Our distinguished clientele depend on ACG Analytics to provide targeted intelligence on global issues that impact their bottom lines. Working with ACG Analytics enables our clients to take advantage of the new realities of the Political Economy rather than just control risk.

ACG Analytics Provides Global Reach and In-Depth Knowledge

ACG Analytics’ innovative research model combines policy expertise in numerous industry sectors, a deep knowledge of key US and international issues, and a serious understanding of our clients’ businesses.

  • United States: Real time research and analysis of ongoing federal legislative and regulatory activities across major industrial sectors including financial services, housing finance, healthcare, energy and the environment, transportation, defense and homeland security, regulatory developments, and education.
  • European Union: Reports on macroeconomic issues and the European Central Bank (ECB).
  • China: Analyses of People’s Bank of China (PBOC) policies with an emphasis on consumer and regional government credit creation.
  • Latin America: Political and economic policy reports on the region’s major economies including Brazil, Argentina, and Venezuela.