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Deposition of Susan McFarland (July 15th, 2015): Doc. 304-3 SEALED Exhibit C_Redacted

Deposition of Mario Ugoletti (May 15th, 2015): Doc. 304-4 SEALED Exhibit D_Redacted

Deposition of Jeffrey Foster (May 14th, 2015): Doc. 304-5 SEALED Exhibit E_Redacted

Grant Thornton Freddie Profitability Estimate (2011): Doc. 304-6 SEALED Exhibit F_Redacted

Fannie Mae Presentation (2012): Doc. 304-7 SEALED Exhibit G_Redacted

Fannie Mae Correspondence and Presentation (2012): Doc. 304-8 SEALED Exhibit H_Redacted

Ugoletti Correspondence (2008): Doc. 304-9 SEALED Exhibit I_Redacted